Air Pollution in Jakarta

The UNCCC session in Bali finally ended with an agreement called Bali Road Map. The agreement may force every country in the world to responsible about global warming phenomena. For me it is very-very technical, and I don\’t have any idea how the government in the entire worlds will do that.

As day before, this morning, I see city of Jakarta from my office in 18th floors. Everyday I mention theres is a thick fog over the Jakarta\’s Golden Triangle. Is that so many carbons in Jakarta\’s air ?

Almost everyday I go to my office using train and following by bus. Starting from my house in Depok, I always get a cold and fresh air in the morning, some times there is a white fog covering my house. Then 29 km apart from my house, is the 180 degree different environment than my house. Jakarta is once of the worst air pollution city in the world.


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4 thoughts on “Air Pollution in Jakarta

  1. nowadays there is too much pollution in the air. most of the pollution from the air comes from fossil fuels. maybe someday we would use less and less of fossil fuesl in favor of clean and renewable energy sources.

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