Now she can read

When I preparing thing before doing my activity in the morning, I saw my first daughter seriously stare at her magazine, a.k.a Bobo Junior. She is 4 years old by last September.
I think her just viewing the images and trying to read the magazine letter-by-letter like ABC’s song.

Nowadays, when we together after school shopping in Hypermarket at Jalan Margonda, I heard Theona spelling the tag upside of the rack.

D-I DI – S DIS, C-O CO, U-N UN – T UNT, DIS-CO-UNT. Hey, now she can read.


Theona shouting from inside of the shopping cart, “Ayah, Theo can read that word!” she pointing the tag.

Oh great, Now you may read all words in this mall” with proudly of course.

But, Yah, what is DIS-CO-UNT mean?” as usually the curios once is in action, and my second daughter just sit in a shopping cart and repeating her sister question. “Yah, wa DIS-UNT en?“.


oh DISCOUNT, and what the meaning Yah?” still curious.

Discount mean, when you want to buy something, you only pay half price of it, Like buying two ice cream with only one coin” I try to explain the word of discount to my daughters.

ow I see” nodding her head then following by her little sister “ow I ci” and nodding too. I don’t know they understand or not.

Last month she tell me how she can cycling her bicycle, and now she can read all word even sentences in front of her.

I feel the time run like an express train, suddenly she can read then going to elementary school then high school, maybe going abroad to continuing her education then have a boyfriend, getting married and I have a grandchildren or any cases can happen, I don’t know.

Right know I just proud of them because they still in the mood of learning everything. My duties are supporting and developing them with all my strength.



  1. masih tuaan anak saya ya om?, pas melepas si gedhe masuk SD ada kekhawatiran di bakal dijahili temannya, tapi si gedhe dengan tentangnya jalan ke sekolah, nggak ninguk-ninguk lagi hiks. Pas nglepas si kecil tk, pertama kali langsung ngajak pulang hwehehe, hari kedua pas nekad ditinggal saya takut, jangan-jangan nanti nangis, ternyata enggak hehe.
    sepertinya nggak ingin mereka gedhe, pengenne kecil terus

  2. Wah, siap2 aja setiap billboard di sepanjang jalan-jalan ditunjuk-tunjuk dibaca…kayak saya dulu :p Jadi kangen BOBO :))

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